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ER3 M.2 2280

型号:ER3 2.5"
NAND Flash: 3D TLC NAND flash
规格: ER3-m-2-2280-d
界面:SATA 6 GB/s
循序读取: 最高520 MB/s
循序写入: 最高520 MB/s
容量:240 GB / 480 GB

其它讯息 Datasheet
  • Support immersion cooling
  • DWPD≥ 1
  • Power Loss Data Protection with Capacitor Self-Test
  • E2E Data Protection
  • Sulfur Resistance
  • AES256
  • Temperature Sensor
  • 容量选择:240 GB / 480 GB
型号 ER3 M.2 2280  
  ER3-GD480 ER3-GD480
容量 240 GB 480 GB
界面 SATA 6 GB/s 
规格 2.5-inch, 7mm 
循序读取速度(MB/s) 520 MB/s 520 MB/s
循序写入速度(MB/s) 280 MB/s 520 MB/s
4K Random Read/Write 90K/10K IOPS 90K/15K IOPS
Latency Read/Write 120us/90us 120us/70us
End-to-End Protection Supported 
Power Loss *
MTBF 3 million hours 
(for 5 years)
TBW 430 870
Power Consumption  
Idle 1.2 W 
Read/Write 3.5/3.8 W 3.5/3.8 W
工作温度  0℃ - 70℃ (作业中) 

*PLP (Power Loss Protection): PLP allows to record data in buffer memory to flash memory, utilizing backup power of solid capacitor in case of sudden supply shut down.

*DWPD: Drive Writes Per Day. One full drive write per day means the drive can be written and re-written to full capacity once a day every day for the specified lifetime. Actual results may vary due to system configuration, usage and other factors.